We provide creche services for our students with children during the time of their classes.

       Please contact the office to make an arrangement.

       We also a childcare provider for more information visit :www.kidzfunplace.co.uk

       Phone: 07861519104
       E-mail: info.kidzfunplace.gmail.com


  • ​JCM provides  a classroom based training in one of our centres. (Learning in a centre) - If you enrol for your qualification through one of our centres, you’ll get face-to-face support from our friendly staff.​ Learning through a centre is flexible, so how long it takes depends on how many hours a week you can spend on your learning.

  • Through our centres you can get a qualification in: life skills,  jobseeking and work skills everyday skills like maths, English and computer skills.

  • JCM provides an Online training, (Learning Online) - If you choose to learn in a centre or at work, many of our centres have elements of online learning as part of the qualification. This means in most cases you’ll be able to continue your learning from home, work, or anywhere you have an internet connection.